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About Clifford Lake

Ever since the days when buggies visited the Clifford Lake Hotel, bringing resorters to enjoy the charm of the area, the Hotel has been in continuous operation. On October 1, 1880, the first telegraph line stretched from Stanton to the Clifford Lake resort; however, instead of the intended telegraph instrument, a telephone was put into operation. It took until February 22, 1881, for the first conversation to pass over the wire.

A U.S. Post Office was established here on the Point on February 21, 1881. In those days, the Point was known as “Richard’s Point,” and it held great promise of becoming a Michigan town.

The year of 1881 was eventful for the new village of “Richard’s Point.” Four streets were named, the Hotel was in business, a steamboat was launched, and a bus line was established between Stanton and Clifford Lake. The horse-drawn bus line was put into service, as noted in the Stanton Clipper Newspaper, on July 22, 1881. The fare was 50 cents for a round trip.

A news article a year later made this eloquent claim: “Clifford is becoming one of the most attractive and beautiful places of resort to be found in the state, it will eventually beat the world in progress”.

In late 1940s the Hotel suffered a serious fire that destroyed over half of the building. In later years the Hotel was condemned by the Health Department; this was when nearby neighbors, Norm and Dyanne Eipper, purchased the Hotel. Along with their children, Cindy, Steve, and Tom, they slowly brought back the charm and hospitality that has kept the Hotel alive for so long. Steve Eipper purchased the Hotel in 1994.

The Inn has weathered many storms and has been in operation through many major events that have shaped our wonderful country over the past century. It was welcoming travelers when cars and televisions were introduced. Guests were sitting around the Hotel discussing the World Wars, a president’s assassination, and men walking on the moon. It has survived the Great Depression, a huge fire, and years of neglect. But no matter what cards have been dealt, the Inn has continued to open its doors to welcome travelers and bring warm smiles to their faces. We hope you enjoy your visit to the Inn, and that you feel the warmth and love that has kept this old building running for over 125 years.


Rent one of our beautiful cottages on Clifford Lake, (Stanton, Mi), a 200 acre all sports, spring fed lake, for your exclusive use. All 4 of our cottages share private beach frontage of 360'. The beach frontage has a wonderful sandy bottom that runs shallow for approximately 50'. There is private boat docking to enhance your experience. You and your guests will enjoy private outdoor campfires on the water's edge. There is an easy access boat launch on the east side of the lake.  The Historic Clifford Lake Inn & Restaurant sits on the adjacent property.

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